The Portuguese Journal of Dermatology and Venereology (Port J Dermatol Venereol.) is the official organ of the Portuguese Society of Dermatology and Venereology, which has been published continuously since 1942, with 4 issues/year. It was formerly known as Revista da Sociedade Portuguesa de Dermatologia e Trabalhos da Sociedade Portuguesa de Dermatologia e Venereologia.

It is an open access double-blinded-peer-reviewed journal published in English that strives to publish high quality dermatological science with scientific merit and originality as the overriding criteria for publication.

It includes review and original articles on basic, clinical, and translational investigation, case reports of special interest, letters to the editor and images cases within the field of Dermatology and Venereology.

The main objective of the journal is to spread dermato-venereological news and, therefore, contribute to improve the understanding, management and treatment of skin disease and patient care among physicians and other healthcare workers and scientists.


Vol.80 Num.3

July - September,
Volume 80, Number 3

Original articles:

Miguel Santos-Coelho, Joana A. Barbosa, Mafalda Pestana, Margarida B. Caldeira, Maria J. Paiva-Lopes, Joana Cabete

Teledermatology and the COVID-19 pandemic: experience from a Portuguese center

Jessika C. Lara, Priscilla M. Quatrin, Manoela A. M. Mace, Janaína Scarton, Osmar L. M. de Oliveira, Alexandre M. Fuentefria

Laboratory diagnosis and prevalence of onychomycosis caused by Fusarium and Scytalidium species

Diana Santos, Ana Sousa, Maria Matos, Francisco Fertusinhos, Rosa Pendás

Isotretinoin treatment and risk of depression in acne vulgar patient: what is the evidence?

Review articles:

Case reports:

Margarida B. Caldeira, Ana L. João, Mafalda Pestana, I. Canha, G. Simões, C. Fernandes

Syphilitic hepatitis: a rare complication of secondary syphilis. A case report

Tiago Fernandes Gomes, Katarina Kieselová, Fernanda Cunha, Cristina Amado, Felicidade Santiago

Pediatric ashy dermatosis: what to expect?

Ana Laura L. Zitta, Amanda R. Grassato, Jéssica M. Oliveira, Ana Maria M. Rosa, João R. Antônio

Cutaneous ectopic schistosomiasis associated with Löffler syndrome. A rare case report

Inês Fidalgo Martins, Ana Isabel Cordeiro, Maria J. Paiva-Lopes

Sirolimus in the treatment of cystic lymphangioma in a pediatric patient

Stephan Große-Büning, Florian Butsch, Marie Leger, Stephan Grabbe

Nevus or melanoma in a tattoo: a diagnostic pitfall

Images in dermatology:

Mariana O. Fernandes, Luisa R. Ayoub, Samara O. Rabay, Flávia R. Ferreira

Elderly man with macroglossia and periorbital ecchymosis

Tiago Fernandes Gomes, Rebeca Calado, Luísa Matos, Margarida Gonçalo

Nail fold capillary abnormalities in dermatomyositis using a handheld dermatoscope

Letter to the editor:

Gabriela F. Melo, Fabiana B. Coutinho, Isabelle S.M.T. Ferreira, Flauberto S. Marinho

Extragenital lichen sclerosus with angiokeratoma-like changes